What is interactive digital media?
The field of interactive digital media encompasses the design and development of non-linear applications which could take the form of a web site, mobile app, game or interactive installation. Many different skills are required in the development of interactive media: visual design, digital storytelling, diagramming, prototyping, programming and user-testing. Therefore the types of required courses are quite diverse to ensure that each student has exposure to these different disciplines with ample elective credit built into the major to allow students to specialize in their areas of interest.

What career opportunities exist for interactive digital media majors?
Clearly, companies that specialize in offering interactive design and development need graduates with an interactive digital media degree. However, there are many other opportunities for graduates. For example, client-driven businesses such as advertising / marketing agencies employ interactive digital media graduates as members of their digital groups. And, almost any medium-to-large-size institution has a need for in-house interactive developers to manage their web sites, intranet or develop interactive training. Finally, organizations that develop educational content need interactive media majors to build interactive screen-based experiences. These are just a few of the types of environments where our alumni have found work.

Can I specialize in one area?
Interactive digital media majors are required to take electives related to the major. Students can fulfill this requirement with classes of interest to create an area of specialization.

Can I double major?
Yes and No. You can double major with interactive digital media and any major outside of the School of Communications. If you would like expertise in another field within the School of Communications, you can do a minor or a certificate program.
What is the difference between the minor and certificate in interactive digital media?
The minor has more flexibility in the required courses and is intended for students pursuing degrees in other disciplines who want to add an interactive digital media component to their work. The certificate program is a more prescribed path and is designed for students who might have already completed their degree but want to move into the interactive digital media industry.

What are the admission requirements?
There are no additional admission requirements beyond the University’s admission requirements.

Is it possible for 2-year transfer students to graduate in two additional years?
Yes. In fact many of our most successful alumni are transfer students from community colleges who completed their degrees at Webster University in two years (or less!)

Are there internship opportunities?
Yes. We have a full-time staff member in the School of Communications who is dedicated to finding and securing internships for our students. Many of our students have done internships that have led to full-time positions. Learn more about internships our students have done in the past.

Can I study interactive digital media on Webster’s international campuses?
Yes. Yes. Yes! We strongly encourage our students to study at one of Webster’s international campuses. The tuition is the same and if you are a full-time student in good standing – the University will fund your plane ticket to any of Webster’s international campuses located in the UK, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Thailand, Ghana or Greece.